Wemics are legendary beasts formed from the union of man and feline. Legend
has it that there was once a powerful druid who fell deeply in love with a
beautiful lioness. Since neither could live without the other, the druid
fashioned a arcane spell which allowed each to change their form from human to
feline, and vice versa. From their love a race of half-lion, half-man sprang
forth to populate the lands. While wemics will occasionally enter the
civilized lands of man, they tend to be solitary beasts who roam the lands in
prides in the thrill of the hunt and kill.

PLAYER CHARACTER RACES: Aesther Avarial Brownie Centaur Drake Drow Dwarf Elf Giant Gromek Hawken Human Minotaur Thri-Kreen Wemic Wolfen Shadowen