Minotaurs are large bull-headed humanoids known for their remarkable
strength and constitution. They are highly resistant to both diseases and
poisons, but suffer a vulnerability to acid-based attacks. Minotuars, due to
their strength and constitution make great warriors, but, because of their
low wisdom and hot headedness make lousy clerics. All minotaurs are skilled
in the tactic of bashing, and due to their great strength, cause more damage
in combat. Minotaurs also have the ability to ram their opponents with their

Minotaurs have an intresting society.  They are each very competitive by nature
and enjoy outdoing eachother's accomplishments which in turn leads to better
overall standards for their civilization.  They enjoy games, puzzles,
and riddles, and are quite adept at navigating mazes.  Minotaur males are
particularly aggressive towards strangers and compete with unfamiliar
males for dominance in a fantastic display of horn locking and fighting
which is always fought barehanded and never intended to kill, but
occasionally accidents do occur.  Minotaurs are able to speak the common
language of the realms, but tend to have an unpleasant accent which sounds
like a human with a swollen tounge and throat blockage with a lot more
bass in the voice.  Minotaurs aren't very welcome in human civilizations
because of their tendancies to violence, unpleasant smell, and
communications barriers.  Humans look down upon Minotaurs as
savage ugly barbarians that only have combat and problem solving
skills, and no appreciable literary, musical, or artistic talents.

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