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Aesther are multi-planar beings, composed of energy and light. They are first and foremost knowledge seekers, using their ability to travel through different planes of existence to look for new races, languages, flora, fauna, and anything else the universe has to offer.

The energy Aesther are comprised of is best aligned with holy energy on this plane, and are able to resist holy attacks and energy sources. This correspondingly makes them more open to negative energies. Being comprised of energy, they are able to easily fade around enemy attacks.

Aesther are nomadic and inquisitive, able to naturally intuit the lore of items and see farther than other races.


PLAYER CHARACTER RACES: Aesther Avarial Brownie Centaur Drake Drow Dwarf Elf Giant Gromek Hawken Human Minotaur Thri-Kreen Wemic Wolfen Shadowen