In the beginning there was but one elven people, and they followed the path of
good. However, ages ago, a sect of the elves drew away from the path of good
and turned towards the Evil One. These elves are known now as drow. Forced
from the surface by their cousins the elves and avariel, the drow have adapted
to seeing without light. Drow are the sworn enemy of the elven folk.  Drow
have a darker complection than other elves and their hair tends to be white.

Like their surface relatives they are resitant to charm, but are vulnerable to
holy powers. Their enhanced mentality and agility make them also excellent
mages and thieves, they are also decent warriors.

PLAYER CHARACTER RACES: Aesther Avarial Brownie Centaur Drake Drow Dwarf Elf Giant Gromek Hawken Human Minotaur Thri-Kreen Wemic Wolfen Shadowen