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These are the prime rules of the MUD.  For other matters, use common sense.

1. Your presence here is a privilege, not a right.  Obey any orders from
   Immortals, answer questions asked of you, respond when spoken to.  Deletion
   does not require a reason, appeals are to be sent to the Implementors.
2. Do not advertise other MUDs in any way, period.  It is not appreciated and
   will DEFINITELY result in you losing the privilege to play here.  It also tends
   to give the MUD you are advertising a bad name.  Nobody likes advertisers.
   On the same token, if you play other MUDs, please refrain from advertising
   this MUD on them.
3. Sitting around idle with a client is hazardous to your health.  If we catch
   you doing it, you will be spanked until you pee yourself.
4. No multiple logins, multiple playing, or helping your own characters with
   other characters you own -- by any arrangment.  See HELP MULTIPLAY.
5. No mob-softening for lower level characters to gain quick experience.
6. Character separation is paramount if you do play multiple characters.
   Actions for or against one of your characters should NEVER affect the
   others. Ideally, no one but you should know what characters you play.
   This also means that other people's alts should not be a topic of
   discussion, unless prompted by the IMMs directly.
7. No kill stealing.  This means you cannot attack a mob someone else is
   fighting, unless they ask you to.  Also avoid attacking fleeing mobs.
8. Avoid killing the same person over and over.  If you do kill someone more
   than once a day, you should have a *very* good reason for it.
9. Do not multi-kill.  Avoid setting yourself up for being multi-killed.
10.Never attack or steal from someone in front of an Immortal.
11.Do not excessively loot other PC's.  Full-looting will DEFINITELY bring
   Immortals into the situation so avoid it unless there is a *very* good
   reason.  Practice moderation...
12.No mob-mining.  Do not leave aggressive mobiles in lower-level areas.
13.Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes accepting favors from gods
   and exploiting bugs.  If you find a bug, report it, then do not use it.
14.Use of clan equipment belonging to a clan other than yours is forbidden.
15.PK in Midgaard proper (see the news about it for more specifics) is illegal.
16.Using a trigger/loop to gain ANY sort of non-RP benefit is STRICTLY
17.Making characters for people to get them around newbans will result
   in getting yourself banned along with them.  Sharing chars is also
   frowned upon.
18.Do NOT help people evade punishments or you'll likely share their fate.
19.Swearing will not be tolerated in public channels, nor in public locations.
    For a detailed explanation of this policy please see HELP LANGUAGE
20.Harassment will not be tolerated. Do not try to contact someone who is
   ignoring you. See HELP HARASSMENT for more information.
21.Do not discuss forbidden topics on public channels. HELP FORBIDDEN
22.Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals, and may be
   done without warning, notice, or even evidence of sanity.  Walk softly,
   and carry a black stick.