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Monks live a life of reflection, extensive philosophical indoctrination and
training in the martial arts.  Because of their rigorous lifestyle, their
constitution and ability to practice is raised.  They recover quickly from
what damage they can sustain, and are quite effective with two handed weapons
such as the staff.

Monks have abilities some would call magic, but they are largely limited to
the domain of power over organic things.

Monks have the default skills of 'spear', 'kick', and 'meditation'.  Other
skills may be purchased cheaply, or gained in the default skill package, which
includes the following:

disarm          Allows the disarming of an opponent in combat.
enhanced damage This skill multiplies your damage in battle.
enhancement     Spells that maximize physical potential, such as haste.
fast healing    Improves wound healing rates.
hand to hand    Deadly fighting skills when no weapon is wielded.
parry           The art of parrying with weapons.
second attack   Allows a second attack in a melee round.
sneak           With this skill, a thief can walk into a room undetected.
third attack    Allows the skilled monk to land three blows in one round.

It is worth noting that monks can customize with the weaponsmaster skill for the
same creation cost a warrior would pay.