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Abysmal Realms has the following races for player characters:

Human      The standard and most versatile of races, 0 cp.
Dwarf      Short, stout, make good warriors and priests, 8 cp.
Elf        Lithe very magically oriented, make good thieves and mages, 5 cp.
Giant      Huge, tough, make excellent warriors, 6 cp.
Brownie    Tiny, quick, make good mages and thieves, 5 cp.
Minotaur   Powerful, strong constitution, make good warriors, 5 cp.
Avariel    Similar to elves, but can fly and possess great dexterity, 5cp.
Wolfen     Bipedal wolf-men, similar to humans, but resistant to bashing, 2 cp.
Centaur    Strong and wise, low dexterity, 6 cp.
Drake      Smallest of dragons, but still quite large, capable of flight, 8cp.
Hawken     Part bird and man, can fly, make good spell casters, 5 cp.
Drow       Evil cousins of elves, make good warriors and thieves, 6 cp.
Shadowen   High intelligence and dexterity, make good thief or mage, 8 cp.
Thri-Kreen Poisonous insectoids, make good thieves, 5 cp.
Gromek     Gargoyles crafted by the Immortals, good clerics and fighters, 5 cp.
Wemic      Half feline and man, make good Warriors, 5 cp.

cp = creation points

Different races have different starting stats, and also different stat maximums
for magic items and training.

Creation points increase the amount of experience it takes to gain a level.
For more information on each of the above race, see the help files for each
individual race.  (i.e. HELP DWARF)