-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abysmal Realms Builders Guidelines -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revision: Date: Change: Author: Rev 1.0 10/14/97 Creation of docs Tamo --------------------------------------------------------------------------

The purpose of this document is to serve as a generalized guideline for
builders at Abysmal Realms to use while building areas. While these
guidelines are not carved in stone, they are established to create a
balanced environment. Deviation should be done with utmost care to
avoid imbalanced areas.

     Mobiles     Armor    Weapons    Wand/Staff/Rod
            Potions/Pill         Scrolls

Mobiles in general:
Mobiles, being the primary source of experience in the mud, are the
focal points of most areas, and therefore, are the one of the most
important things to maintain balance with. A good mobile will be
a challenge to characters within 4-5 levels of it.

Named v. Unnamed:
For lack of other convention, I have broken mobiles down into two
catagories, Named and Unnamed. An Unnamed mobile is a generic, all
purpose mob that resides in an area. Cityguards, Imperial guards,
vagabonds.. each is a good example of unnamed mobs. They are often
abundant, and while they may offer a few pieces of gear, they should
not have anything too exotic.

Thoul, Diana and MazeKeeper are excellent examples of the Named mob.
Each is unique, with more than standard equipment. Those who wish to
split hairs can argue there there are two types of named mobs..
minor and major. Minor named mobs are mobs that are named to provide
flavor for an area (Gothmog, Diana, ghost of Bal'Karok) while a
major named mob exists for a specific task (Marblefist, Thoul,
or Tarquas) Those three are guards of the realms, serving a very
specific purpose.
                        -=] Mob Stats [=-

I. Hitpoints
<help hitdice>  see also: HELP <HITDICE AC DAMDICE>

lvl hit pts    ac  damage  mean   lvl hit pts     ac   damage   mean
===============================   ==================================
 1  2d6+10     92  1d4+0    2.5    51 50d10+5000  -308 5d8+20   42.5
 2  2d7+21     84  1d5+0    3      52 50d10+5500  -316 6d7+20   44
 3  2d6+35     76  1d6+0    3.5    53 50d10+6000  -324 6d7+21   45
 4  2d7+46     68  1d5+1    4      54 50d10+6500  -332 7d6+22   46.5
 5  2d6+60     60  1d6+1    4.5    55 50d10+7000  -340 10d4+23  48
 6  2d7+71     52  1d7+1    5      56 50d10+7500  -348 10d4+24  49
 7  2d6+85     44  1d8+1    5.5    57 50d10+8000  -356 6d8+24   51
 8  2d7+96     36  1d7+2    6      58 50d10+8500  -364 5d10+25  52.5
 9  2d6+110    28  1d8+2    6.5    59 50d10+9000  -372 8d6+26   54
10  2d7+121    20  2d4+2    7      60 50d10+9500  -380 8d6+27   55
11  2d8+134    12  1d10+2   7.5    61 50d15+10000 -388 7d7+28   56
12  2d10+150    4  1d10+3   8.5    62 50d15+10500 -396 7d7+29   57
13  2d10+170   -4  2d5+3    9      63 50d15+11000 -404 4d13+30  58
14  2d10+190  -12  1d12+3   9.5    64 50d15+11500 -412 6d9+29   59
15  3d9+208   -20  2d6+3   10      65 50d15+12000 -420 6d9+30   60
16  3d9+233   -28  2d6+4   11      66 50d20+12500 -428 9d6+30   61.5
17  3d9+258   -36  3d4+4   11.5    67 50d20+13000 -436 9d6+31   62.5
18  3d9+283   -44  2d7+4   12      68 50d20+13500 -444 8d7+32   64
19  3d9+308   -52  2d7+5   13      69 50d20+14000 -452 8d7+33   65
20  3d9+333   -60  2d8+5   14      70 50d20+14500 -460 6d10+33  66
21  4d10+360  -68  4d4+5   15      71 50d25+15000 -468 4d16+33  67
22  5d10+400  -76  4d4+6   16      72 50d25+15500 -476 4d16+34  68
23  5d10+450  -84  3d6+6   16.5    73 50d25+16000 -484 7d9+34   69
24  5d10+500  -92  2d10+6  17      74 50d25+16500 -492 8d8+34   70
25  5d10+550  -100 2d10+7  18      75 50d25+17000 -500 6d11+35  71
26  5d10+600  -108 3d7+7   19      76 50d30+17500 -508 9d7+36   72
27  5d10+650  -116 5d4+7   19.5    77 50d30+18000 -516 4d18+35  73
28  6d12+703  -124 2d12+7  20      78 50d30+18500 -524 4d18+36  74
29  6d12+778  -132 2d12+8  21      79 50d30+19000 -532 6d12+36  75
30  6d12+853  -140 4d6+8   22      80 50d30+19500 -540 8d9+36   76
31  6d12+928  -148 4d6+9   23      81 50d35+20000 -548 10d7+37  77
32 10d10+1000 -156 6d4+9   24      82 50d35+20500 -556 5d15+38  78
33 10d10+1100 -164 6d4+10  25      83 50d35+21000 -564 7d11+37  79
34 10d10+1200 -172 4d7+10  26      84 50d35+21500 -572 4d20+38  80
35 10d10+1300 -180 4d7+11  27      85 50d35+22000 -580 3d28+38  81.5
36 10d10+1400 -188 3d10+11 27.5    86 50d40+22500 -588 11d7+39  83
37 10d10+1500 -196 3d10+12 28.5    87 50d40+23000 -596 9d9+39   84
38 10d10+1600 -204 5d6+12  29.5    88 50d40+23500 -604 4d22+39  85
39 15d10+1700 -212 5d6+13  30.5    89 50d40+24000 -612 12d7+38  86
40 15d10+1850 -220 4d8+13  31      90 50d40+24500 -620 5d18+40  87.5
41 25d10+2000 -228 4d8+14  32      91 50d45+25000 -628 11d8+40  89.5
42 25d10+2250 -236 3d12+14 33.5    92 50d45+25500 -636 9d10+41  90.5
43 25d10+2500 -244 3d12+15 34.5    93 50d45+26000 -644 10d9+42  92
44 25d10+2750 -252 8d4+15  35      94 50d45+26500 -652 5d19+43  93
45 25d10+3000 -260 8d4+16  36      95 50d45+27000 -660 6d16+43  94
46 25d10+3250 -268 6d6+16  37      96 50d50+27500 -668 13d7+43  95
47 25d10+3500 -276 6d6+17  38      97 50d50+28000 -676 8d12+44  96
48 25d10+3750 -284 6d6+18  39      98 50d50+28500 -684 7d14+45  97.5
49 50d10+4000 -292 4d10+18 40      99 50d50+29000 -692 9d11+45  99
50 50d10+4500 -300 5d8+19  41.5   100 50d50+29500 -700 10d10+45 100

Thief mobiles should read their hp, ac, and damage at one level lower.
Mage mobiles read hp and ac at one level lower, and damage three
levels lower.
Cleric mobiles read damage at two levels lower.
Warrior mobiles read hit points one level higher.

Armor Classes 
In order, the 4 armor class values for a mobile are piercing (i.e. 
daggers and spears), bashing (i.e. clubs, rocks), slashing (swords and axes), 
and magical (everything else).  Usually the first three will be fairly close 
to each other (it's nice to have them be a little different, however), and 
the magical AC will be considerably weaker.  Please adhere to the AC 
guidelines set out in <help hitdice> above. 

II. Mana
A high number of dice makes for less variance in mobiles mana.
The values the server generates for merc-type mobs is
<level> d 10 + 100
where level is the level of the mobile.
In olc medit, "mana default" will insert this value for manadice!

III.  Hitroll
A bonus for the mobile to increase its chance to hit, this is one
setting that can change a mobs ability to harm players.
        Mob Toughness:   Hitroll bonus:
             Weak:           0
           Normal:           Level/10
           Strong:           Level/5
           Unique:           Level/3

weak   =  very common mob (guards, snails, fox, boar, dwarven youth, etc)
normal =  common mob (some guards, dwarven miners, dwarven guards, etc)
strong =  minor named mob, or really nasty mob (Diana, dragons, etc)
unique =  exactly that.. Marblefist qualifies, as does Thoul, Tarquas, etc.

IV. Damage
See hitdice table

V. Armor Class
See Hitdice table


*Warning*: Some races, when set for a mob, allow preset Immuninities,
resistances, or vulnerabilities. Always check these settings.

Whenever possible, load a mob up with appropriate ACT_FLAGs.
All guards, for example, should be WARRIORS, bandits should the
THIEVES, witchdoctors should be CLERICS, etc.
Always mark mobs STAY_AREA if you want to prevent them from wandering
to adjoining areas, SENTINEL if they are to stay in the same room (great
for statues that are alive, etc)

>From the ROM Builder Docs:
Act flags (short for "action") determine the in-game behavior of your
mobile. Input all of the flags you have chosen into the proper mobile section 
(as shown in the examples above).  Following is a listing of act flags:

  NPC          Mobile is an NPC (set automatically by the game) 
  sentinel     Mobile doesn't wander 
  scavenger    Mobile picks up items on the floor 
  aggressive   Mobile attacks any character in the same room
                    (see the section dealing with aggression) 
  stay area    Mobile will not leave a zone (this should be set) 
  wimpy        Mobile will fly when badly hurt 
  pet          Mobile is a pet (and hence safe from attack) 
  train        Mobile can train statistics 
  practice     Mobile can teach skills
  undead       Mobile has special undead powers (i.e. life draining) 
  cleric       Mobile has cleric casting powers 
  mage         Mobile has mage casting powers 
  thief        Mobile has thief combat skills (backstab, etc.) 
  warrior      Mobile has warrior combat skills (disarm, parry, etc.) 
  noalign      Mobile is unaligned (unintelligent animals, golems, etc.)
  nopurge      Mobile isn't removed by the purge command 
  outdoors     Mobile will not wander outside a building 
  indoors      Mobile will not wander into a building 
  healer       Mobile can heal characters (i.e. the heal command) 
  gain         Mobile can grant new skills (i.e. the gain command) 
  update       Mobile is always updated, even in idle zones (rarely 
  changer      Mobile can change coins (i.e. Otho the Money Changer) 

        Immunities should be vary rare, only being given to a mob for a
        specific reason. For example, a 'lightning bug' might be immune
        to shocking/lightning.
        Level of Mob:        Max. # of Immunities:     Vulnerabilities:
        -------------        ---------------------     ----------------
        01 - 25                   1                      1
        26 - 45                   2                      1
        46 - 75                   3                      2
        76 - 99                   4                      3
        100+                      5                      4

        Additionally, as shown in the table, mobs with immunities should
        have a weakness or vulnerability as well. 

        Less potent, but still posing additional brawn to mobs, are
        resistances. Named mobs should have at least one resistance,
        as they are unique, and mobs greater than level 50 should have
        at least one resistance. If resistances are to be used:

        Level of Mob:   Max. # of Resistances:         Vulnerabilities:
        -------------   ----------------------         ----------------
        01 - 10              1                          0
        11 - 20              2                          0
        21 - 30              2                          1
        31 - 40              3                          1
        41 - 50              3                          2
        51 - 60              4                          2
        61 - 70              4                          3
        71 - 80              5                          3
        81 - 90              5                          4
        91 +                 6                          4

        (Minor) Named Mob: +1 Resistance
        (Major) Named Mob: +2 Resistance

        Vulnerabilities should exist on any mob that has a resistance
        or immunity, but may exist on mobs without those. Such mobs,
        with only a vulnerability, should be extremely rare, and
        are best as weak mobs. It is suggested that only 1 vulnerability
        ever be used on a mob, unless there is very good reasoning for

All three flags share the same fields, which are as follows: 

summon       Summoning and gating magic 
charm        Charm spells (the beguiling spell group) 
magic        All magic (be very careful using this flag) 
weapons      All physical attacks (be very careful using this flag) 
bash         Blunt weapons 
pierce       Piercing weapons 
slash        Slashing weapons 
Fire         Flame and heat attacks and spells 
Cold         Cold and ice attacks and spells 
Lightning    Electrical attacks and spells 
Acid         Corrosive attacks and spells 
Poison       Venoms and toxic vapors 
Negative     Life draining attacks and spells, or unholy energies 
Holy         Holy or blessed attacks 
Energy       Generic magical force (i.e. magic missile) 
Mental       Mental attacks (such as a mind flayer's mind blasts) 
Disease      Disease, from the common cold to the black death 
Drowning     Watery attacks and suffocation 
Light        Light-based attacks, whether blinding or cutting 
Sound        Sonic attacks and weapons, or deafening noises 
Wood         Wooden weapons and creatures 
Silver       Silver or mithril weapons and creatures 
Iron         Iron and steel weapons and creatures 

Note: Resist the temptation to make "Achilles Heel" style mobiles, that 
is creatures that are immune (or almost immune) to all but a single 
attack type. Such mobiles are extremely boring to fight, and ultimately 
not very hard to defeat.  Strive to make a balanced mobile, with no flags 
that aren't explainable by its nature. 

VII.  Special functions 
Special procedures are not assigned in the mobile structure itself, but
they do relate directly to mobiles.  The procedure for assigning procedures 
will be detailed in another document, but the basic function is covered here. 

A special procedure gives a mobile some added functionality, allowing it 
do more complicated actions than are normally possible. Examples are 
Hassan's guardian duties, the fido's ability to eat corpses, and the warring 
mobiles in the dangerous neighborhood.  New specials can be requested, but 
don't rely on someone else being willing to code one for you. At this time, 
no mobile may have more than one special procedure.. 

The following specials are available: 

breath_acid      Mobile breathes acid in combat 
breath_fire      Mobile breathes fire in combat (area attack) 
breath_frost     Mobile breathes frost in combat (area attack) 
breath_gas       Mobile breathes poison gas in combat area attack) 
breath_lightning Mobile breathes lightning in combat 
breath_any       Mobile may use any breath weapon 
cast_adept       Mobile casts helpful spells on low-level players 
cast_cleric      Mobile casts clerical spells (ALWAYS cleric act flag) 
cast_judge       Mobile fires bullets (for Mega-City One only) 
cast_mage        Mobile casts mage spells (ALWAYS set the mage act flag) 
cast_undead      Mobile casts spells appropriate for the undead 
executioner      Mobile attacks Killers and Thieves 
fido             Mobile devours corpses 
guard            Mobile protects good-aligned people from attack 
janitor          Mobile cleans up junk lying on the ground 
poison           Mobile has a poison attack 
thief            Mobile steals gold (ALWAYS set the thief act flag) 
nasty_thief      Mobile attacks, robs, and runs (ALWAYS set thief flag)
The following specials are coded, but should NOT be used because they 
are tailored to specific mobiles.  Check them out online for examples of 
unique or area-specific specials that can possibly be coded for your mobiles:

cast_judge       Mobile fires bullets (for Mega-City One only) 
troll_member     Mobile attacks ogre gang members (gangland mobs only) 
ogre_member      Mobile attacks troll gang members (gangland mobs only) 
patrolman        Mobile tries to break up fights (gangland mobs only) 
mayor            The Midgaard mayor special (opens/closes city gates, etc.)

VII. Gold
        Care should be taken to make mobs balanced in their wealth.
        Only sentient creatures should have gold or silver on them,
        as a cat with coins is pretty rare.. If a non-sentient mob
        deserves some wealth, create a lair that it will defend..
        piling the gold there rather than on the mob.
        A generic rule of thumb is to not exceed 100 silver per
        level of the mob.. of consult the table below for more

        Gold on mob:
        Generous:    Normal:    Stingy:    Mean:
        Level/2      Level/3    Level/5    Level/10

        Remember, wealth values are in silver,
        so a level 60 mob would be:
        Generous:    Normal:    Stingy:    Mean:
        3000         2000       1200       600

VII.  Affects, Aggression, Alignment, Mobile group

Affect Flags 
Affect flags are used to assign various spell and spell-like effects to 
a mobile, such as sanctuary, hidden, or detections.  The following list 
contains all usable affect flags:

blind        Mobile is blind
invisible    Mobile is invisible 
detect evil  Mobile can sense evil 
detect invis Mobile can see invisible. **
detect magic Mobile can see magic
detect hide  Mobile can see hidden (sneaking/hiding) characters 
detect good  Mobile can sense good 
sanctuary    Mobile is protected by a sanctuary spell. **
faerie fire  Mobile is surrounded by faerie fire (a hindrance) 
infravision  Mobile can see heat sources in the dark 
curse        Mobile is cursed
poison       Mobile is poisoned
protect evil Mobile takes less damage from evil characters 
protect good Mobile takes less damage from good characters 
sneaking     Mobile is sneaking (hard to detect while moving) 
hiding       Mobile is hiding (cannot be seen without detect hidden) 
sleep        Mobile is affected by sleep spell
charm        Mobile is charmed
flying       Mobile is flying 
pass door    Mobile can walk through closed doors 
haste        Mobile is affected by a haste spell 
calm         Mobile is affected by calm spell
plague       Mobile is plagued
dark vision  Mobile can see in the dark without a light source 
berserk      Mobile is affected by berserk
swimming     Mobile is swimming (or capable of swimming) 
regeneration Mobile recovers hit points and mana faster than usual 
slow         Mobile is affected by slow spell

** Sanctuary and detect invisible are often overused, so please be 
careful with them. Not every mobile should be able to see invisible, or the 
spell is worthless, and similarly not every hard mobile should have a 
sanctuary spell. 

Example: a glowing ghost might have faerie fire, flying, and protect 
good, for an affect flag of IOT.  There is no limit to the number of affect 
flags that may be set on a mobile, but be sure not to type the same letter 

Alignment, ranging from -1000 and 1000, represents the morality or
ethics of a mob. With -1000 as the pinnacle of evil, and 1000 just shy
of being a saint, you must find a setting that best suits the mob.
It is recommended that animals range from -150 through 150, as most
beasts are not as petty as sentient creatures.. they exist to eat, sleep,
piss, shit and rut.. (Then again, so do most rednecks..) Unless the animal
is extrememly cruel (Pit Bull guard dog?) or extremely helpful (Flipper the
happy dolphin?) keep animals near neutral.

Sentient mobs, however, are subject to the creators interpretation.. not all
thieves are going to be evil however.. Robin Hood would have an align of
approx. 500.. good, but still taking a bit for himself.. while  some of the
historical Inquisitors, while being part of the church, surely would have had
alignments of -500 or more (Time to visit the rack again..)

Care should be taken to avoid oversetting alignment.. an area with nothing
but -1000 mobs will make angels out of the most bitter plays in no time, just
as an area of sweet, pure, cherubin like mobs will make even the happiest
player a vile monster..  Named mobs should have a their alignment set a bit
firmer than the generic mobs in the area.. so an area with evil (-500) mobs
should have a named mob with no more than -750.. however, if you want the
blackest heart possible, make a few minor named mobs at -750, and your major
badass at -1000..

Mobile Group 
The mobile is used to group mobiles into allied groups.  They are 
assigned by XXYY, where XX is your zone number (for Midgaard 30) and YY is 
some increasing number (so Midgaard's groups will be 3000, 3001, etc.).  Any 
mobile in the same group as another mobile will assist it in combat.  The 
actual number has no real meaning, but please use the numbering system above 
so that each area keeps unique grouping. 

VIII.  Level, Damage types:

This is a very important statistic, as it determines the  recommended 
values for your mobile's combat abilities.  Try and make the level choice 
reasonable to believe.  Just as a level 2 Ancient Blue Wyrm makes no sense, 
neither does a level 50 snail.  Look over the recommended values for the 
level and please try to stay fairly close to them, otherwise your mobile may 
well be out of balance with the others in the game. 

Damage Types 
A mobile's damage type defines three things: what message is seen when 
it attacks in combat, what armor class is used to defend against the 
attack, and what type of resistance or vulnerability affects the damage 
received from the attack.  The following damage types are supported, listed 
by the type of attack and the damage messaged sent (if a name follows the 
damage message, you should use that name in your area file, otherwise just 
use the message itself). If you can't find a damage type that fits your 
mobiles, by all means make a new one (but be sure to note that a new damage 
type was added and how it should be defined, or your mobile will not function 

piercing attacks (pierce ac): 
bite                    pierce                  sting 
chomp                   scratch                 thrust 
peck                    stab 

bashing attacks (bash ac): 
beating                 crush                   smash 
blast                   peck(peckb)             suction 
pound                   punch                   thwack 
charge                  slap 

slashing attacks (slash ac): 
claw                    grep                    slice 
cleave                  slash                   whip 

acid attacks (magic ac): 
acidic bite (acbite)    digestion               slime    

cold attacks (magic ac): 
chill                   freezing bite (frbite) 

energy attacks (magic ac): 
magic                   wrath 

fire attacks (magic ac): 
flame                   flaming bite (flbite) 

holy attacks (magic ac): 
divine power (divine) 

lightning attacks (magic ac): 
shock                   shocking bite(shbite) 

negative attacks (magic ac): 
life drain (drain) 

The acceptable kinds of damage (some with no damage messages as yet) 
bash                    disease                 light 
pierce                  drowning                lightning 
slash                   energy                  mental 
acid                    fire                    negative 
charm                   harm                    poison 
cold                    holy                    sound 

Harm, disease, and poison are generally used only on spells, but are 
included here on the outside chance that a mobile might need them. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to expand it as 
your write your area. 

IX. Offensive flags:

Offensive Flags 
Offensive flags control mobile behavior in combat -- allowing some 
variety in how your mobiles fight back against players.  A typical mobile 
should have a few (2-3) attack abilities and one or none defensive abilities, 
more skilled mobiles may have more, but try not to make them too flexible.  

The following offensive flags are available, although not all are currently 
active (please use them anyway if they are appropriate, as they will be 
enabled at some future date): 

area attack  Mobile hits all characters fighting against it. Very 
backstab     Mobile can backstab to start a combat 
bash         Mobile can bash characters off their feet 
berserk      Mobile may go berserk in a fight 
disarm       Mobile can disarm _without_ a weapon wielded** 
dodge        Mobile dodges blows 
fade*        Mobile can fade "out of phase" to avoid blows 
fast         Mobile is faster than most others, so has extra attacks 
kick         Mobile can kick in combat for extra damage 
kick dirt    Mobile kicks dirt, blinding opponents 
parry        Mobile can parry _without_ a weapon wielded** 
rescue*      Mobile may rescue allies in a fight 
tail*        Mobile can legsweep with its tail or tentacles 
trip         Mobile trips in combat 
crush*       Mobile can crush opponents in its arms 

Offensive flags also control the assisting behavior of a mobile, by 
using the following flags: 

all          Mobile helps all other mobiles in combat 
align        Mobile assists mobiles of like alignment 
race         Mobile will assist other mobiles of the same race 
players      Mobile will assist players (by race/alignment)
guard        Mobile assists as a cityguard
vnum         Mobile assists mobiles of the same number only 

Assisting by race and vnum are by the far the most common assist types.  
Mobiles also assist mobiles in the same group, as defined by the group 

Notes: The area attack and fast flags are quite powerful, and mustn't be 
    overused. Only the most powerful mobiles should be capable of area  
    attack, and only mobiles that really are faster than most should be 
    fast.  Proper assist flag setting can greatly enhance the
    cooperation within an area. 

Example: An orc might have bash, kick, and kick dirt (it will probably 
be a warrior, so will parry and disarm if armed), and will assist by 
race and alignment, for an offensive flag of CIJQR. There is no limit to 
the number of offensive flags that may be set on a mobile.

X. Form, Part, Size, Material

Form flags 

The forms flag is used to define a body form for your mobile, and also 
related data like what happens to its corpse when it dies, and whether or not 
it is edible.  Much of the forms code is not yet implemented, but please be 
as thorough as possible when defining your mobile, as it will all be used at 
some future point in time. The acceptable flags for body form are as follows 
(use your best judgment to determine which flags should be mutually 

corpse-related flags: 

edible       Mobile can be eaten 
poison       Mobile is poisonous when eaten (should also be edible) 
magical*     Mobile's magic nature causes strange effects when eaten
vanishes*    Mobile vanishes after death (i.e. a wraith) 
other*       Mobile is not flesh and blood (defined by material type) 

form-related flags: 
animal       Mobile is a "dumb" animal 
sentient     Mobile is capable of higher reasoning 
undead       Mobile is an undead, and not truly alive at all 
construct    Mobile is a magical construct, such as a golem 
mist         Mobile is a partially material mist 
intangible   Mobile is immaterial (like a ghost) 
biped        Mobile is bipedal (like a human) 
centaur      Mobile has a humanoid torso, but a beast's lower body 
insect       Mobile is an insect 
spider       Mobile is an arachnid 
crustacean   Mobile is a crustacean (i.e. a crab or lobster) 
worm         Mobile is a worm, that is a tube-shaped invertebrate 
blob         Mobile is a formless blob (when used with mist, a cloud) 
mammal       Mobile is a mammal 
bird         Mobile is a bird 
reptile      Mobile is a reptile (and should be cold-blooded) 
snake        Mobile is a snake (and should be a reptile) 
dragon       Mobile is a dragon
amphibian    Mobile is an amphibian (and should be able to swim) 
fish         Mobile is a fish (and should be able to swim) 
cold blood   Mobile is cold-blooded, cannot be seen with infravis. 

There may be others that I forget.. if so, fill em in :) 

parts flags 
The body parts flag is used to detail what limbs and organs a creature 
has, and currently has no game effect beyond determining what hits the ground 
when you kill a monster.  In the future, body parts will also determine what 
can be worn by the creature in question, and possibly special attacks (i.e. 
the tail attack) that the mobile may do, so please do try to be thorough in 
describing your mobile's body parts.  The following body parts are defined: 

head         Mobile has a head 
arms         Mobile has arm(s) (usually assumed to be 2) 
legs         Mobile has leg(s) 
heart        Mobile has a heart 
brains       Mobile has brains (not all mobs with heads have brains) 
guts         Mobile has intestines 
hands        Mobile has hands capable of manipulating objects 
feet         Mobile has feet 
fingers      Mobile has fingers capable of wearing rings 
ear          Mobile has ear(s) 
eye          Mobile has eye(s) 
tongue       Mobile has a _long_ tongue (like a lizard) 
eyestalks    Mobile has eyestalks (it should also have eyes) 
tentacles    Mobile has one or more tentacles 
fins         Mobile has fins 
wings        Mobile has wings 
tail         Mobile has a usable tail (no stubs) 
claws        Mobile has combat-capable claws 
fangs        Mobile has combat-capable teeth 
horns        Mobile has horns, not necessarily dangerous ones 
scales       Mobile is covered with scales 
tusks        Mobile has some teeth elongated into tusks 

The size of the mobile has many game effects, and should be chosen 
The acceptable sizes are as follows: 
tiny: small birds and anything smaller 
small: large birds (ducks and up) to halflings 
medium: elves and dwarves to humans 
large: ogres, gnolls, and other large humanoids 
huge: giants, small dragons, and wyverns 
giant: for VERY large critters, i.e. dragons, titans, and the biggest 

The material type for mobiles is not currently supported. It should be 
left blank (0) for flesh-and-blood creatures, or spirits, but golems and 
other animated beings should have a material appropriate to their body 
construction (i.e. stone, iron, diamond). Put the material in single 
quotes if it is longer than one word. 

 A.  Scrolls/Potions/Pills

   i.   The object level should be no less than the minimum level required to
        cast the spell normally.  (i.e. a heal pill must be at least level 21
        because that is the level at which clerics can cast it)

   ii.  The maximum level of the spell should not exceed the level of the 
        object by more than 10 or 40%, whichever is GREATER.

   iii. The value of the item should reflect the power of the spell.  The 
        value should be NO LESS than twice the cost to create a homemade
        scroll or potion.  (i.e. A heal potion should cost no less than
        10000 gold and sanc no less than 15000 coins.) This value guide 
        applies only if you are putting these items for sale, in a shop.

 B.  Wands/Staves
   i.   The same level restrictions as Scrolls/Potions/Pills for both 
        object level and spell level.

   ii.  The number of charges should be inversely proportional to the power
        of the spell.  This also should be modified by the relationship of
        the level of the spell to the level of the object. (i.e. an level
        40 object will have more charges of a level 35 spell than it would
        of a level 40 spell.)

   iii. Here are some guidelines for some of the more powerful and popular 

        Spell          Max Charges             Minimum item level.

        Mass Heal        1                       38
        Mass Sanc        1                       45
        Heal             2                       21
        Sanc             3                       20 
        Acid Blast       2                       37
        Chain Lightning  3                       33  

 C.  Weapons

   i.   For New format weapons, damage is calculated as a roll of dice 
        (like 4d6)
        If you set a damage of XdY, you can calculate the following:

        Minimum damage= X
        Maximum damage= X * Y
        Average damage= ((X * Y) + X)/2  NOT (X*Y)/2, be careful!

   ii.  Average damage is not to exceed (0.5*weapon level) + 4.

  eg.- Average damage on weapons : Maximum should be 5 to start plus 5 for 
    every 10 levels. So, for example, a level 30 weapon maximum average 
    damage would be 5 plus 15 (5 per each 10 levels) for a total of 20.

 D.   Armor

   i.   Values for each AC type should not exceed 1/3 of the item level.
        eg, a level 40 bracer should not have an AC of more than:
        -13 -13 -13 -13 -13.... some of the values should be only 1/4 of 
        level.  That level 40 bracer AC ideally should be:
        -13 -12 -10 -11 -13 for example.

II.  AFFECT_flag guidelines for all object types.

   i.   The average 'score' of all 'usable objects' in your area should not
        exceed 0.60.

   ii.  A 'usable object' is any object intended to be worn/wielded/held.
        Do not count staves or wands in the average unless they have

   iii. The 'score' for an object is calculated as:
        (actual 'points')/(maximum allowed 'points')

   iv.  One 'point' is equal to any of the following:
        +1 Str OR +1 Int OR +1 Wis OR +1 Dex OR +1 Con
        OR (+1 Hit AND +1 Dam) 
        OR +20 hitpoints or +20 mana
         (ROM guidelines suggested:+10 hitpoints OR +10 mana)
        OR -2 Save_spell OR -2 save_breath etc.

Added by Tamo:
        Adding bad effects can cancel the cost of a good effect..
        add a vulnerability to offset an affect, but be fair about
        the offsets. Also, there can be some variation, such as
        the leveling gear that can be found about, for example, the
        pearl of wisdom: level 0, +2 wis, +50 mana, found in a lair
        of a level 75 mob..

        Example: A level 5 ring of +2 wis, -1 dex would have
        a point total of 1.0, the max suggested.

   v.   The maximum allowable points are (by level of object):

        Level range   Points
         1-5            1 
         6-15           2
         16-25          3
         26-40          4
         41-55          5
         56-70          6
         71-91          7

Example:  You area contains the following EQ.

1. Weapon, level 55, 6d10 (ave 33), +1 dex, +1hit, +1dam (2 pts, score 0.5)
2. Armor, level 65, AC 16/16/16/5, +1wis, +1int, +20hp, +20mana
         (6pts, score 1.0)
3. Treasure, level 43, +1 hitroll, +5 hp, +5mana (1.5pts, score 0.3)

Average score for all objects = 0.6.
Note: Objects are not allowed to have scores over 1.0, obviously.
Note: For mana and hp bonuses on objects, do not allow more than one point
per level. EG a level 25 object could have +25 hp OR +25 mana OR +12 hp 
AND +13 mana, maximum.

Note: A bit of thought and reasoning should go into the flags set on
equipment.. and a bit of trickery as well. Feel free to add bad affects to
counter good affects, such as adding a vulnerability. 


      Input and information were gathered from many sources, including:
Abysmal Realms Staff:
Msocorcim - Geahlan - Hakan - Tamo - Sabyna - Silverthorn - Nesmai - Boreas
A Very kludged Doc by Whitey and Etaine

Rom 2.4/2.5 docs version 1, compiled by Satin (Gabrielle Taylor)
This file contains material and information from the Merc release 2.1 
Area help files (done by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn), material from the 
Merc Diku Mud code itself, material and examples from various area files 
that are found in both ROM2 and MadROM, as well as coding material that 
was adapted and modified by Alander for ROM1 and ROM2, and later by 
Madman for MadROM.  It also contains information from Alander written 
for ROM 2.3 and ROM2.4x, from Zump for Rom 2.4x, and information from 
ozy.doc by Ozymandias.  It was compiled and rewritten by Satin for Tesseract 
(hypercube.org 9000), and then adapted by her to Rom 2.4x.  Starbird of
Quicksilver (res.com 9000) did a little reformating, added some things and
fixed some bugs.