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Thieves are a marginal class. They do few things better than any other class,
but have the widest range of skills available. Thieves are specialists at
thievery and covert actions, being capable of entering areas undetected where
more powerful adventurers would fear to tread. They are better fighters than
clerics, but lack the wide weapon selection of warriors.

All thieves begin with the dagger combat skill, and are learned in steal as
well. Any other weapon skills must be purchased, unless the default selection
is chosen. This default skill package includes:

Skill Description
Backstab The art of hitting your opponent by surprise
Disarm Used to deprive your opponent of his weapon
Dodge The best way to take a punch is not to be there
Dual Wield This skill allows the use of two weapons in combat
Hide The art of remaining undetected in a room
Mace The use of maces and other blunt weapons
Peek Used to look into a person's belongings
Pick Lock A useful skill for breaking and entering
Second Attack With training, the skilled thief can hit twice as fast
Sneak With this skill, a thief can walk into a room undetected
Sword Swordplay and fencing
Trip A good way to introduce an opponent to the floor