Abysmal Realms Improvement Survey


This little survey serves to let us Immortals know what you like in a MUD, and what you would like us to focus on, as well as how well you think we are working, and also general information on the MUD'ing public.

Firstly, we are assuming you know what a MUD is, if you don't, educate yourself.

Do you play on Abysmal Realms?

Yes No

If you Play on Abysmal Realms, what is your MUD name?

How do you rate the Abysmal Realms environment?

Poor Fair Good Excellent 

How old are you?


How many years have you been playing MUDs?

What MUDs have you played on and/or enjoy(ed)?

What MUD client do you use?


How important are these things to you in a MUD?



Character Classes

Character Races



Friendly/Helpful Immortals


PK/Player Killing

Making friends

Just Plain Fun!

If you play here, what do you think Abysmal Realms needs more of?

Skills/Spells Classes Races Quests Immortals Areas

If you have anything else you would like to mention about what you like and don't like in MUDs, or any other comments write it in the box below

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