Table of contents

This file contains example aliases, macros and actions. Feel free to send
the most useful of your in.

Logging tells

I use the following few aliases to log tells and other things to a window.
First, there is the startlog alias, that starts logging to a file (this has
to of course, be on one line)

Alias startLog #window -H -w80 -x0 -y3 -h10 -lmud/Log/%n-%1 %1;
#print %1 *** %t -- logged in into %n@%h:%p

When called (e.g. startLog tells), the file will create a new window,
attached to the file mud/Log/ar-tells (if the current MUD you
are attached to is called ar). It will also print out a line to that file
which looks like this:

*** Sun Jan 25 12:00:26 1998 -- logged in into

Then, I do the logging of, for example, tells, which looks like this:

action "^(.*) tells you '(.*)'" #print tells %H:%m $1: $2

This will takes lines which contain "tells you" followed by the text in
single quotes.

Easier perl interface

Alias % #eval %0

will allow you to type things like: %2**20 to find the 20th power of 20,
rather than #eval 2**20.

Alias ! #eval `%0`

will allow you to do e.g. !finger to run the finger command and send its
output to the main screen.

Note that you don't need space between % nor ! and the command.