MCCP Mud Client Compression Protocol


MCCP, or Mud Client Compression Protocol is a great new way to achieve a faster connection with
your favorite mud. Presently only MCL, an excellent Linux based Mud Client by Erwin Andreasen supports MCCP.
Windows 95/98/NT users may download and run our pre-configured MCCP Proxy server. Most players can do this
in 5 or 10 minutes. We expect ZMud to support MCCP eventually, but the MCClient package is a safe and easy way
to have this performance without waiting. You can learn more about MCCP at Oliver Jowett's site.

What does MCCP do exactly?

Well, essentially the server sends the same data too you but the size of the data is reduced up to 85%
This leads to better performance on both ends.

MCCP and our featured NOSPAM controls combine to give you the best performance your connection
can support.

If your client supports the protocol, you need to do absolutely nothing. It's all
taken care of automagically. To see whether or not you have compression
enabled, check out AUTOLIST. The status of your connection will be shown in
the second section in that list. Please read HELP COMPRESS before attempting
to manually enable compression - it shouldn't be necessary.

Currently, few clients support MCCP. MCL 0.42.05 and later supports it
directly. Other clients, like xtush 1.5 may support it if patched. No current
incarnation of zMUD supports MCCP, but there is a way you can still enable it.
It is possible to set up a port redirection program that sits in between your
client and the MUD. Data is sent from your client to that program, which then
redirects the data to the MUD. Your client doesn't have to support compression
as the compression/decompression is handled by the MUD and the program.

One such program available is called MCClient. We have a zipped package setup
to work for Abysmal Realms. Instructions are included in the package:

If you want a snappier connection, or just wish to help test this protocol out, give it a