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Mages specialize in the casting of spells, offensive ones in particular. Mages
have the highest-powered magic of any class, and are the only classes able to
use the draconian and enchanting spell groups. They are also very skilled at
the use of magical items, though their combat skills are the weakest of any

All mages begin with skill in the 'dagger'. Any other weapon skills must be
purchased, at a very high rate. The default skill selection for mages is as

Skill Description
Dagger Proficiency with the Dagger weapon
Lore The lore of magical items for identification
Spell Group Description
Beguiling Spells that control the mind
Combat Offensive magics, such as fireball and chill touch
Detection Informational magics, such as detect magic and identify
Enhancement Spells that maximize physical potential, such as haste
Illusion Magics for concealing and deceiving
Maledictions A selection of curses fit for any mage
Protective Defensive magics, ranging from armor to stone skin
Transportation Spells for getting from here to there

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