Knights Of Zamiel

.. And into this world came a force of darkness, a malignant force of evil bent on corruption and destruction, seeking power and glory.

The Knights of Zamiel are an elite force dedicated to the spread of evil in all its forms, including death, destruction, fear, intimidation, extortion and greed. We select only the most vile and horrid members of society.. thieves, murderers, and assassins. Only those who are willing to lay down their lives for the spread of evil will be judged worthy. Loyalty to the clan, the clan mates and the ideals of of the clan are of utmost importance.. any who fail to provide these are slain by the Lord Zamiel himself and cast out, naked and shattered.

Members of The Knights Of Zamiel

Patron: Zamiel Leader: Lazarus

History of The Knights of Zamiel

First Age:

After the fall of man, faith in the gods of old returned even as did the creatures of myth and legend. Into this turmoil strode the mightiest of the Patron gods, Zamiel, Lord of Evil. Fed by the greed and fear of the races that spread across the world, his power grew while other gods crawled for essense. Tainted souls bowed before his power, and in this time of rebirth, he gifted one mortal with his power, allowing the mortal to build a temple for worship. This mortal, Hakan, become the first leader of the Knights.

Second Age:

Hakan, with the power of a god infusing his very soul, set forth into the world to seek out those would seek the power offered. As his faith grew, so did his following, each member making his lord, Zamiel, stronger and stronger. The message of death, distruction and war was spread by the Knights under the watchful eye of Hakan until the clan had become the most powerful of all the mortal clans. As a reward for his success, Lord Hakan was given the gift of Immortality, taking his place among the gods. A new leader was then chosen to continue the reign of terror and to spread the taint of evil to the world. Infused with the powers of Lord Zamiel and Lord Hakan, the mortal Grok became the leader.

Third Age:

With the wisdom of two gods infusing his soul, Grok sought power in undream quantities, not satisfied with ruling just one city or just one clan. Declaring war on Ragnarok, the Knights began a ruthless campaign of death and terror, until at last, Ragnarok knelt before them in surrender. Satiated momentarily on the glut of power, the clan turned from war to wealth, pillaging the world over for gold, silver and jewels, amassing quantities unseen in the history of man. With the war coffers full, Grok prepares to again wage war, and amass yet greater power.
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