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The Circle of Magi strives primarily to accumulate that knowledge which was lost since the Millennium Wars, all save that of technology and that which no longer applies to the realms.  In addition to this, they have come to make their primary study the most fascinating new source of knowledge that has come into existence since that dread war: Magic.

The Circle of Magi has existed in one form or another since the end of the Millennium Wars.  After that time of war, famine, and destruction most of the knowledge and ability which mankind had accumulated was as so much chaff in the wind.  Various bits of knowledge, in hundreds of different areas had been lost to mankind, not only the technology which had nearly ended with the death of the Gods, but also a wide variety of other knowledge.This loss struck deeply into the hearts of a few, while they could see that reviving the technology of the past was out of question, there was much that mankind once knew that would not serve to challenge the gods.  The idea that all of this might be lost for eternity, all the accomplishments of man swept aside and forgotten, was repugnant.  And thus, stepping aside from the conflicts which even then were beginning to rise anew, bringing themselves together, they began to form a group dedicated to recovering the knowledge lost in the Millennium Wars, and ensuring that that loss would never again take place.

As time passed, these scholars, and many others in the realms, began to feel a new force which permeated the land.  Some children began to exhibit strange abilities, food appearing near them when they were hungry, little sparkles warding off a stray dog, and other odd occurrences.  As time passed some of the more inquisitive scholars within the Circle, as it was coming to be called, began to study these children, and with this study magic as we know it began to make its way into the everyday life of the citizens of the realms.  With this discovery the focus of the Circle began to shift slightly, while they still searched for knowledge and ones rank and stature within the clan was based upon that knowledge, they began to turn to the study of magic more often.

Eventually after many years, the Circle assumed a focus which concentrated upon the study of magic, and the use of that magic to discover the knowledge which was once lost.  The existence of magic, and the possibilities it engendered allowed the clan to expand their search in ways that would have been unheard of just years before.  With each passing year the clan began to focus upon the use of magic, until eventually they came to be known by a new name:  the Circle of Magi.  Where once they allowed those who had no access whatsoever to the magical forces which flowed through the realms entrance into the clan, it soon became a prerequisite that one had some knowledge however small of magic.  It would be hundreds of years later when a solid foundation in the magical arts was a basic requirement, however, those who primarily followed the path of the warrior or thief being denied entrance.

The Circle of Magi are in most instances within clan politics a neutral body.  There are few instances when we are not directly attacked, or indirectly attacked in an obvious manner, that we shall join any particular dispute.  The Circle is composed of a wide variety of scholars, each holding his or her own beliefs about any given situation, but ultimately holding back upon giving approval to any given side.

As this neutrality might imply, should two bodies wish to resolve a dispute but have little success on their own, then they may come to the Circle of Magi and we shall act as an impartial arbiter to their dispute.  This service shall be given so long as both parties are in agreement that an end to the fighting is desired, and no particular burden shall rest upon the Circle once a decision has been reached.  Each party involved shall bear the Magi no malice once this service has been rendered and both sides shall agree to the decision if reached in a suitably arbitrary manner.

Further policy upon the Circle's role in the realms shall be added at a later date.

The Magi have but a few traits that they look for within the potential applicant to the Circle, they are as follows.

Figures of Importance
Elan Morin Tedronai (Leader)
Taru Perola (Lord)

Msocorcim (Patron)

Kyra (Avatar)

Information about each shall be added in the future.

The Archives of the Circle of Magi
The Abysmal Realms