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Clans (also commonly called guilds) are collections of players with common goals and concerns. To join a clan you must be at least level 15, and must seek out the leader of that clan (denoted by the [Leader] flag) and pass any tests or tribute they may require. Clans are elite groups of individuals, and as such must be selective on whom they allow within their ranks. Only clan members (or "loners", described later) may initiate, or be the targets of PK attempts. To create a new clan in the realms, see "help prices". The following is a list of the clans, and a brief summary of their ethoi. Note that these are advertisements written by the clans themselves. This is to aid you in finding a clan that suits your favorite role.

GOOD Knights of Tamo
EVIL Knights of Zamiel
CHAOS Ragnarok
LAW Gar-Dun
DEATH Valhalla's Warriors
LIFE Protectors of Life
MAGIC Circle of Magi
NATURE Druid Lords
ANTI-MAGIC Lords of Purity
MERCENARY Legion of Grok
ANTI-GREED Crusaders

There are also "Loners", a group of player-killers who did not decide to join one of the existing clans, or who were expelled from clans. They do not gain any of the benefits of being in a clan, except being able to PK, and be the targets of PK attempts.

The clans on Abyssmal Realms, have other special features. Their clan equipment for example. Clan equipment is of course clan only, and has the power to GROW WITH THE USER. (i.e. The clan equipment becomes more powerful the higher the level the user of item). A special bank system has been built for the clans. All clans finance their powers, skills, items, and rooms with diamonds purchased after aquiring large sums of gold. These diamond banked and used by the clans to purchase enhanced rooms, weapons, potions, etc...