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Areas on Abysmal Realms

Level Range Area Name Author Description
{ 5 35} New Ofcol Hatchet The booming trade district of Ofcol.
{ 5 35} The Shire Poohb Homeland of the hobbits, with a strong Tolkien motif.
{ ALL } Midgaard DIKU The heart of the realms, center of commerce and clan activity.
{51 60} Immortal Zone ROM The home of the gods and heroes where no mortal dares tread.
{ 1 20} Plains of the North Copper This vast expanse of plains connects Midgaard, Ofcol, and Eltabbar.
{ 5 10} In the Air Copper Your link to the astral plane and to Githyanki
{ 5 20} Arachnos Mahatma The Queen Spider and her warriors hold prisoners in their web.
{ 5 10} Haon Dor Diku A dark, fell forest, where only the bold or foolish tread.
{10 35} Astral/Githyanki Andersen The strange astral plane leads to Githyanki Keep.
{ 5 30} Elemental Canyon Raff The boundary of the mortal and elemental planes.
{10 20} Dwarven Catacombs Raff Dwelling of the dwarven knight templars.
{15 25} Chapel Catacombs Copper A chapel in the graveyard leads to the catacombs below.
{ 1  5} Dwarven Day Care Sandman Baby dwarves abound here.
{ 5 30} Dragon Tower Wench Magical tower where dragons reign supreme.
{ 1  5} Machine Dreams Furey Phantasmal land where reality takes a back seat.
{15 25} Drow City Drkside Beautiful but deadly underground city of the drow.
{10 25} Thalos Drkside Once the center of empire, Thalos is now a desolate place full of evil.
{10 25} Dwarven Kingdom Anon Mountainous dwarven city and mines.
{15 25} Dylan's Area Dylan  Land of rugged mountains and nasty harpies.
{10 20} Sands of Sorrow Anon Endless expanse of desert.
{20 30} Galaxy Doctor Astrology comes to life in the Galaxy.
{ 5 15} Gnome Village Vougon A small, secluded village of peaceful gnomes.
{ 5 10} Graveyard Alfa One of the favorite hangouts for the undead.
{ 5 20} Holy Grove Alfa Tranquil sylvan setting, maintained by druids.
{10 30} High Tower of Sorcery Skylar The center of all magic in the realms, where only the ambitious dare tread.
{ 5 15} Dangerous Neighborhood Raff This section of Midgaard is now an endless turf war.
{ 4 89} The Bazaar Yaegar Arabian theme - good tie-in with New Thalos
{ All } Limbo Diku A dimensionless state, reserved for the linkdead.
{ 5 35} The Keep of Mahn-Tor Chris Homeland of the fierce minotaurs.
{15 25} Old Marsh Generic A fetid swamp that few enter and even fewer exit.
{ 5 35} Mega-City One Glop Crime pays in this post-apocalyptic city.
{ 5 15} Miden'nir Copper South of Midgaard, this dark forest is full of goblins and their ilk.
{ 1 30} Old Thalos Kahn In this bastion of the empire, civilization prospers amidst the terrors of the world.
{ 5 15} Mob Factory PinkF Walk the assembly line where mobs are created.
{ 5 15} Moria Alfa Once the fabled kingdom of the dwarves, Moria is now a cesspool of evil.
{10 35} New Thalos Conner A major trade center in the realms, with a largely Arabic motif.
{ 1 15} Zoo of Midgaard Anon Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!
{30 35} Nirvana Fstall The plane of harmony, order and perfection.
{ All } Ofcol Alfa big temple set in rural area
{ 5 50} Olympus Generic Homeplace of Zeus and his kin.
{ 5 50} The Great Pyramid Anderson Certain death awaits anyone who dares enter the Great Pyramids.
{31 35} Quifael's Area Quifael Step into the twisted realm of Quifael.
{ 5 30} Sewer Diku Beneath the streets of Midgaard, evil rules the sewers.
{20 30} Redferne's Residence Diku Tread upon the hallowed lands of Redferne, Greater God of the Realms.
{ 1  5} Mud School Hatchet You come in a spineless newbie and come out a hardy adventurer.
{ 1 10} Smurf Village Generic The land of the smurfs brought to life.
{32 51} Descent to Hell Strahd A truly hellacious place for the wicked and their tormentors.
{10 15} Troll Den Merc A lair of fierce and hungry trolls.
{ 5 20} Valley of the Elves Hatchet Hidden home of the Wood Elves.
{ 5 30} Wyvern's Tower Tyrst Tower that is home to a monstrous wyvern.
{ 3 35} The School Tower Grehyton an IQ test of sorts, read everything!
{35 50} Sesame Street Lenny Sesame Street...with an attitude.
{20 53} Chaos Area Beowolf A dangerous land which embodies the Chaos inherent in this world.
{20 40} Atlantis Jaromir Travel to the lost continent of Atlantis.
{99 99} The Shielding Lok This bastion of good is a beacon of light in this dark world.
{13 50} UnderDark Silence This underground metropolis is a bastion of evil.
{10 15} Faerie Ring Lok The hidden dwelling place of the Faerie Queen and the rest of the fair folk.
{25 35} Coven Lok Coven
{20 52} Camelot Lok The fabled court of Camelot comes to life, with its legendary residents.
{ 8 45} Pirate Lords Lok Pirate lords have plundered the realms... Will you rescue the maidens or feed the sharks?
{ 8 53} Freeport Lok Freeport
{70 95} Armageddon Lok The final battle of Good and Evil
{75 99} Drakyri Isle Ydri Interesting highlevel Elven area - mixed alignments
{45 90} Divided Souls Ydri A twisted pocket of strangeness and Zen
{ All } Druid Circle Ceffyl 100% All Natural Ingredients
{30 40} The Gypsy Camp TallTre An abandoned gypsy came from an age long forgotten.. where did they all vanish to?
{30 51} Plane of Time Rebecca It's true "A stitch in time will save nine.", but who will save *You*??
{ 7 15} Orcs' Lair TallTre A disgusting lair - full of smelly, stupid and unfriendly creatures.
{20 35} The Graye Area Aten Neutral Mobs?
{ 1  7} Blue Spur Raff/Delstar Why not drop in to Blue Spur and look around?
{30 51} Sea of Serenity Eclipse
{19 99} Mirror Realm Merri
{ 5 38} Animaland Yaegar
{ 3 99} Anonopolis Yaegar
{ 3 45} The Dungeon Yaegar/Aurorix
{ 5 15} Mirkwood Yaegar
{30 30} The Plains of Blood Yaegar
{ 2 99} The City of Anon Yaegar
{ 7 62} The Walls of the City Yaegar
{10 35} The Keep of the Warlock Yaegar
{ 2 10} The Rats Lair Hatchet Rats: <*BIG*> Rats
{ 5 35} The Chasm Saphus
{50 90} The Island of Terror Delstar What horrors await those foolish enough to venture on the Island of Terror?
Our Own Original Areas
Level Range Area Name Author Description
{ ALL } Baralis' House of Fine Coffee Baralis Baralis' House of Fine Coffee
{20 35} Tree City Of Elvandar Geahlan Crown city of the High Elves.
{60 80} Drake's City Geahlan Drake's City
{30 40} Sea Of Death Geahlan Sail upon the Sea of Death with undead pirates and sailors.
{0 91) Additional clan rooms Grok Additional clan rooms,mishmashed together.
{35 60} Monks Monestary Grok A haven for the spiritual
{80 100} The FleshEaters Temple Grok Insideous evil has taken up residence in Midgaard
{60 75) Dark Tower Grok Good has been vanquished from the DarkTower
{ 5 20} Forest of Bandits Grok The only law in this forest is that of the Bandit King.
{ 5 45} KoT City Loviatar No Description Yet
{ All } The City of Demitrus Loviatar The central hub of the evil populace DarkTower.
{45 60} Cavern of Heroes Satin Primordial forces battle eternally within the Cavern.
{ 0  0} The Ark of Fools Tamaria Ship of many lands
{ ALL } Circle City Tamo Home of the Elite Magi of Abysmal Realms
{25 65} Korrag Sabyna/Silverthorn Korrag is a major dwarven city
{50 60} Arethuse Sensha Help Ash battle off zombies!
{92 99} Offices of the Imps Zamiel Mount Olympus to some, the workhouses to others
{30 50} Lair of the Bunyee Zamiel Underground lair of the dreaded Bunyee
{45 80} Shinobiyama Zamiel Mountain fiefdom of the Ninjas of Shinobiyama.
{ ALL } City of Eltabbar Zamiel City full of mages to be and slaves