Abysmal Realms Apprentice Program

Abysmal Realms offers you, the player, a chance to become an immortal with our unique apprentice program. You will learn what it takes to be an immortal by following a series of steps. You will actually create things that will be used by other players on the MUD. To qualify for this program, you must meet the following criteria:

Those accepted into the Apprentice Program will follow the following series of steps:

  1. Working with an IMM (or higher level apprentice), you will be assigned an Area to "Beautify". This involves fixing bad exits, improving room, object and mob descriptions, adding or fixing resets, doors and furniture where appropriate and completing rooms not fully implemented. (Level 92)

    Rationale: by this time you know the mud, now you learn our OLC, flags and building strategies, you check us out, we check you out.

  2. You will design and implement an area of your own. Offline or online building is ok. This area may be of your own making, or an already made area if it is approved by the Implementors. (Level 93)

    Rationale: you have been deemed competent with our systems and ready for more responsibility.

  3. You will be the Immortal Patron of a clan. We will consider establishing a new clan if you wish. (Level 95)

    Rationale: By this time, you have participated in many efforts other than those of simply advancing your character and clan. You are deemed ready to serve as an *impartial* patron to a clan.

  4. You will design and implement a new race. You will also prepare the helps for this race. (Level 96)

    Rationale: Now you know the capabilities and limitations of the races we already have. You have a deep understanding of play here and are in a position to create a balanced and useful addition to our menagerie.

  5. You will design and implement a new class. You will also prepare the helps for this class. (Level 97)

    Rationale: Implementation of a class is much more work than a race and usually requires to addition of skills/spells. Don't start something you can't finish in excellent style.

  6. Finished!! (Level 98) When we have people who have completed these steps, we will assign them jobs based on their interests and abilities for advancement to higher levels.


The purpose of this program is to ensure the successful growth of this MUD. We are sorry if this seems like too much bother, but it is the best way we can find to ensure that the Mortal/Immortal ratio is kept reasonable, the things the MUD *really* needs are dealt with and that only qualified and committed people are granted the Honor of Immortality and given the Opportunity to "Change the face of Abysmal Realms".

Comments from Msocorcim: No exceptions to the Level 30 requirement will be made. If you are playing an uncustomized (1K/level) char, you will probably be required to reach level 40. If in the course of playing, you discover something is not clear to you, don't embarrass yourself by asking "simple questions". You should be able to learn the answers to most of your questions through reading the Helps and through the course of play! If you demonstrate lack of initiative and problem solving ability, you WILL NOT EVER be an IMM here. If you find the help on a topic is not adequate, post a "note to immortals" explaining your question and *what you have already done* to find the answer. You will receive a response and measures to improve the helps will be taken if seen fit.

Building and Coding

To find out more information on how to build an area for a ROM 2.4 MUD,
See The ROM 2.4 HOW-TO Docs
The Mud Connector

There are several Area Editors out there, feel free to do a Net Search for one.

NOTE: Several of these editors work just fine, but have conflicts with our OLC (On Line Creator)